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Things to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

Why People Neglect the Dentist

Going to the dentist in Azusa is something a lot of people neglect for many reasons including,

  • A Phobia of Dentists - Some dental visits can be uncomfortable, but a good dentist and their staff will do what they can to minimize this. Those who see their dentist and practice good oral hygiene are less likely to have difficult visits
  • Lack of Time - Most adults can get by with a single visit to the dentist each year, or two at the most. Choosing a dentist near work or home helps many fit the visit into their schedule
  • Too Expensive- Dental insurance is available at a low cost, and payment plans are available for whatever isn't covered.
  • Their teeth don't hurt - Not all dental or health conditions carry symptoms. If nothing is wrong, that's great. Seeing the dentist leaves these people with peace of mind and a clean mouth
  • It's just for kids- It is especially important for kids to see the dentist regularly because their teeth and mouth structure are developing, but the risk of decay and bacterial infection are still there for adults. Dentists can also straighten adult teeth, or help with whitening or sealants to help fix and maintain smiles at any age
  • They're Embarrassed - Some people go several years without seeing the dentist, or they know that they don't take as good of care of their teeth as they should. They anticipate a lecture or scolding from their dentist. Most dentists know this is a turn off, and since they want people to come, most avoid trying to make people feel bad once they are there.

Things to Look for in a Dentist

A dentist in Covina takes care of teeth, gums, and the mouth in general in many different ways, and no two mouths are exactly the same. Some people know they have specific problems that require access to a specialist.

Those who work in Endodontics work with the nerves and blood vessels of a tooth. Inner tooth procedures, such as root canals use endodontics.

Those who need their teeth straightened or aligned will want to make sure an orthodontist is on staff, and some may want to check out the option of cosmetic dentistry for implants or other dental prosthetics.

Those with gum issues will want to inquire about a dentists experience in periodontics. Often an office of general dentistry will have dentists on staff that can handle any of these issues, but it never hurts for a person to communicate their concerns.

A Look at the Office

Once a person enters a dentist office, they should expect several things such as

  • Professionalism. This includes attending to patients efficiently and with compassion. The office itself should be clean, and the staff should appear organized.
  • A clean and sterile environment. Masks, gloves and protective eyewear should be worn and disposed of properly, and sterilizing equipment should be used consistently
  • Asks the Right Questions - Dental health and overall health are connected. Dentists need to know about conditions such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, and medications such as blood thinners that their patient might take before beginning. Financial concerns need to be straightened out as well. They should remember to ask these questions before they begin.
  • Takes Enough Time- Performing multiple procedures take time. Teeth should not be cleaned in a rush, and gums should be examined closely because they reveal signs of other health problems. Sometimes special instructions are needed, and a good dentist will make sure they are understood.
  • Explains Treatment Options - Some treatments, such as practicing better oral hygiene are universal, but often need to be explained. Other treatments such as crowns or braces may be recommended, but are less of a priority due to their costs. Patients should be presented with information about risks, benefits, and costs in order to make an informed decision.

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